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Automated Materials Handling

Automated materials Handling systems are a critical part of any business which handles bulk materials.  The team at Elexacom can assist with the design, installation and 24/7 maintenance of a range of automated material handling systems including:

  • Conveyors
  • Bagging machines
  • Labellers
  • Liquid transfer systems
  • Material sorters
  • Palletising Systems
  • Product selection systems

Elexacom are the professionals when it comes to automated materials handling, safety automation and the installation and maintenance of industrial machinery.  Our experience and expertise extends to complex systems involving advanced automated materials handlingProgrammable Logic Controllers and Human Machine Interface systems including touch screens.

Elexacom understands the importance of machine safety and utilise the latest in safety equipment by Pilz safety automation and Sick to ensure that your industrial machinery meets the strictest Occupational Health and Safety requirements and up-to-date with current compliance and safety standards.

Elexacom can assist with the design, installation and ongoing maintenance of automated handling systems including:

  • Monitoring and control systems technology and electronic monitoring relays and sensors.
  • Automated materials handling control and PLC systems.
  • Industrial machinery guarding, safety gates, safety switching and barrier sensors
  • Sensor technology including safety switches.
  • Control and signalling including emergency stop switches, sirens and signaling.
  • Safe control technology, safety relays, programmable safety systems and safe bus systems.

Automated materials handling systems have many advantages over traditional materials handling systems including increased safety, increased productivity and flexibility.

The industries that we work with include packaging, raw material processing, mining, manufacturing, food processing, materials processing and processing.

The team at Elexacom work closely with a range of OEM’s to install and maintain a range of industrial machinery and automated materials handling technology across Perth and Western Australia.

Elexacom has experienced and trained personnel in the latest PLC technology including the following brands:

Contact the team at Elexacom to discuss your automated materials handling systems or industrial machinery requirements.  Or if you need assistance with maintenance or modifications to your existing system.