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Fibre Optic Cabling Installation

Fibre Optic Cabling Installation

Elexacom can design fibre optic cabling installations for commercial and industrial clients across Perth.  Our team of highly experienced fibre optic cabling technicians can assist with the design, installation and maintenance of all types of fibre optic cabling and active equipment to suit.

Advantages of fibre optic Cabling

1. Greater Bandwidth
Copper Cables were originally designed for voice transmission and have a limited bandwidth. Fibre optic cables provide more bandwidth for carrying more data than copper cables of the same diameter. Within the fibre cable family, single-mode delivers up to twice the throughput of multi-mode cable.

2. Faster Speeds
Fibre optic cables have a core that carries light to transmit data. This allows fibre optic cables to carry signals at speeds that are only about 31 percent slower than the speed of light—faster than Cat5 or Cat6 copper cables. There is also less signal degradation with fibre cables.

3. Longer Distances
Fibre optic cables can carry signals much farther than the typical 100m limitation for copper cables. For example, some 10 Gbps single-mode fibre cables can carry signals almost 40 km. The actual distance depends on the type of cable, the wavelength and the network.

4. Better ReliabilityElectrical Elexacom Data Canning Vale
Fibre is immune to temperature changes, severe weather and moisture, all of which can hamper the connectivity of copper cable. Plus, fibre does not carry electric current, so it’s not bothered by electromagnetic interference (EMI) that can interrupt data transmission. It also does not present a fire hazard like old or worn copper cables can.

5. Thinner and Sturdier
Compared to copper cables, fibre optic cables are thinner and lighter in weight. Fibre can withstand more pull pressure than copper and is less prone to damage and breakage.

6. More Flexibility for the Future
Media converters make it possible to incorporate fibre into existing networks. The converters extend UTP Ethernet connections over fibre optic cable. Modular patch panel solutions integrate equipment with 10 Gb, 40 Gb and 100/120 Gb speeds to meet current needs and provide flexibility for future needs. The panels in these solutions accommodate a variety of cassettes for different types of fibre patch cables.

7. Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Although some fibre optic cables may have a higher initial cost than copper, the durability and reliability of fiber can make the total cost of ownership lower.  And, costs continue to decrease for fibre optic cables and related components as technology advances.  In addition the initial cost of fibre optic cabling installation as reduced considerably in the past few years.

Elexacom only uses premium products are used (AFL, Molex, Krone, etc) to ensure a high quality and lasting installation.

Call the team at Elexacom for more information on fibre optic cabling installation across Perth.