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Elexacom provides insurance electrical inspections for premises across Perth.  We can provide a range of services from simply visually checking installation to provide full electrical compliance testing.  Our testing can include:

Visual Inspections

The team at Elexacom can conduct visual inspections of electrical installations including switchboards, cabling and equipment to ensure that the electrical installation complies with the associated electrical standards

Thermal Imaginginsurance electrical inspections

Elexacom own state-of-the-art thermal imaging equipment that is used to check switchboards and electrical equipment for elevated temperatures which can often be a sign of a fault or pending electrical issue.

When we conduct insurance electrical inspections using thermal imaging we are able to test installations while they are running normally which provides a real-time snapshot of the installation and highlights any problems.  Once we have conducted our thermal imaging we provide a report which details any recommendations that we have found.

Electrical Testing

We can provide testing for electrical installations including:

  • Earth resistance testing
  • MEN
  • Earth continuity
  • Circuit loading
  • Circuit polarity
  • Fault loop Impedance
  • Current carrying capacity
  • Distribution of load across phases
  • Power factor
  • Harmonics
  • Earth leakage current

Emergency Lighting and Exit Lighting

As part of our insurance electrical inspections we will check all emergency and exit lighting to make sure that it complies with the current standards and that they are operating correctly.

Safety Switch and RCD Testing

As part of our insurance electrical inspections we check to make sure that where required electrical safety switches also known as rcd elexacomresidual current devices (RCD)’s are installed on the required circuits.

Equipment Testing and Tagging

Equipment Testing and Tagging is mandatory in all workplaces, Elexacom owns a state-of-the-art Portable Appliance Tester (PAT) which we use to test equipment and make sure that it complies with the required standards.  As part of an insurance electrical inspections we would ensure that all equipment is correctly tagged, within date and that a compliant log book is onsite.

For more information on workplace equipment testing and tagging check out the WA WorkSafe website here

There are a range of other tests and checks that we can provide depending on the requirements of you or your insurance company these include smoke detectors, security alarms, cctv, access control systems and Department of Health Certificate 5 inspections, if you need assistance please don’t hesitate to contact the team on 08 93304592 or email us here.