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Lighting Pole Maintenance Inspections Testing

The team at Elexacom can provide Lighting Pole Maintenance Inspections Testing services on all type of lighting poles, including area lighting, oval, feature lighting and sports lighting, security lighting, street lighting and carpark lighting.

Light poles require periodic inspection and maintenance during their life.  Often lighting poles are neglected until they are beyond economical repair and become a fall hazardous.

At Elexacom our expertise include:

  • Installation of poles – The installation of all types of lighting poles including tilt poles, sectional peoples and straight pole systems.  In conjunction with our lighting design partners we can provide recommendations and lighting designs on new areas such as area lighting or sports oval lighting.
  • Installation of pole foundations – We are highly experienced in the installation of pole foundations including installation of foundations in difficult areas such as on inclines, hard rock and areas with high water tables.  Foundation techniques that we are familiar with include screw piling, direct buried and cage foundations.
  • Pole and Lighting Maintenance – As electricians we can provide a full range of maintenance services to lighting poles including repairs to poles and all types of lighting fixtures, lighting control systems and cabling.
  • Pole and Lighting Fixture Inspections – In-conjunction with our preferred metal technologists we can provide status reports on complete pole systems including pole integrity (rust, strength, corrosion etc), lighting fixtures, electrical switchboard, lighting control system and cabling.  In addition we can provide reports on lighting (lux) levels and light spillage.
  • Lighting Pole and Lighting Fixture Testing – We can conduct testing on the integrity of lighting poles and lighting fixtures and also test for electrical integrity and capacity, such as if you needed to know what additional capacity is available for new lighting.

In work closely with all leading lighting manufactures including Sylvania, Eye Lighting, and H.I. Lighting just to name a few.

Need Lighting Pole Maintenance Inspections Testing services then call the team at Elexacom today for more information on how we can assist.