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Power Quality Logging

Utilising the latest in power quality logging and monitoring equipment Elexacom can log your power and provide a detailed report on a complete range of power parameters including:

  • Voltage
  • Current (up to 2000A)
  • Volt-AmperePower Quality Logging
  • Volt-Ampere hour
  • Volt-Ampere reactive
  • Power Factor
  • Wattage-Hour
  • Volt-Ampere reactive hour
  • Harmonics
  • Frequency

Our Power Quality Logging equipment can be used for a range of applications including:Power Quality Assessment

  • Analyse power or energy consumption over a period of time.
  • Check the power used or efficiency of a piece of equipment such as a motor or air-conditioner, an office or complete building.
  • Check when power issues are occurring such as over or under voltage, excess current draw etc.
  • Optimisation of power usage, such as checking power factor, harmonics etc.

Our Power Quality Logging equipment is capable of logging at a sample rate of 1s to 1hr.

On completion of a logging project we provide a detailed report on the data found including an analysis of the data logged.  We provide the information in a hard copy and soft copy which can be easily imported into a spreadsheet for further analysis.

The team at Elexacom can also repair any issues found and provide energy efficient lighting alternatives where applicable. We can also assist with the supply and installation of energy efficient Variable Speed Drives (VSD’s) to improve the efficiency of motors.

In addition, Elexacom can design and implement smart wiring and power monitoring systems to assist with maximizing power efficiency and providing maximum control over power usage.

If you have an application where you require power logging or monitoring for a short or long period of time please don’t hesitate to contact us on 08 9330452 or click here to email us and we will provide you with our rates and further information on power logging and monitoring.