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The team at Elexacom are highly experience in the design, selection, installation and ongoing maintenance of Solar LED Lighting solutions for a range of applications including:

  • Security Lighting
  • Pathway Lighting
  • Street Lighting
  • Area Lighting
  • Bollards
  • Building Lighting

One of the advantage of Solar LED Lighting is that they can be installed in areas that don’t have readily available access to mains power.  There are many areas where it is just not cost effective or practical to get mains power.  For example most open spaces or parks do not have mains power readily available which means in many instances inadequate lighting in available for patrons.

Easy installation – Solar LED Lighting systems are simpler to install then mains powered lighting systems, generally a cage assembly will be concreted into the ground followed by the installation of the pole assembly.  Some products can also be directly buried into the ground.  The method of installation will depend on the brand and type lighting system.

Systems available – Generally there are two types of lighting systems available, the first type of system are self contained, that is the light, solar panel and battery are self-contained.  This type of system is generally for smaller lighting systems.

Alternatively each of the components are separate for example the LED light and solar panel may be installed at the top of a pole with the battery and control equipment installed somewhere else (in the pole or in a pit adjacent to the pole or bollard).  There are many variations available depending on specific site requirements.

Other great features – Many Solar LED Lighting products on the market offer some really cool features such as motion detection, when people are not in the area the lights will turn off or dim to save energy, as some one approaches the lighting will go to full brightness.  Other systems can be programmed to come on for a period of time at dusk then turn off and then turn back on for a period of time prior to dawn.

Exceptional efficiency – Obviously solar is a renewal resource and using LED lighting technology (generally offering a 30,000 – 50,ooo hour life) which can provide a life up greater than 12 years!  Many system also use high efficient Lithium-Ion batteries.

Low maintenance – The great thing about LED Solar Lighting is the level of maintenance it’s virtual nil!  The only thing that will require replacement is the battery, the life of the batteries vary depending on the use and type of system.

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