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Clipsal C-Bus and Smart Wiring

The team at Elexacom have received advanced training on Clipsal C-Bus and Smart Wiring systems.  Our team can assist with simple through to complex multi-building Clipsal C-Bus systems.  C-Bus is a processor controlled system that allows users to manually or automatically control virtually anything electrical.

Clipsal C-Bus and smart wiring systems are often used to control lighting circuits as it can provide a great deal of flexibility when it comes to controlling lighting throughout a building.  For example, when connected to motion sensors its possible to have a area where the lights are automatically turn on when it is occupied, when the area is not occupied the lighting will automatically turned off, which can provide an enormous saving in energy.

C-Bus can also be connected to your smart phone or tablet, giving you remote access to your home or buildings air-conditioning system, lighting, power, irrigation systems, CCTV etc.  You can even remotely set up timing and holiday schedules.

Good C-Bus Design

Good Clipsal C-Bus and Smart Wiring design is critical to ensure functionality to just right to make the system user friendly.  InClipsal C-Bus and Smart Wiring addition the use of C-Bus should simply the control of electrical equipment, for example if a C-Bus system is utilised to control an irrigation system, it should also automatically detected if it has rained and turnoff the irrigation system until the earth is dry again.

At Elexacom we love technology and the possibilities available from C-Bus, however we are also practical and understand that users are looking for functionality, simplicity and integration.

At Elexacom we are focused on working with you to design a C-Bus system that will do exactly what you want it to do and we might be able to give you a few ideas on what the system can do that you did not know about and will help make your life easier.

C-Bus Maintenance

We have found that C-Bus is very reliable and built to last.  Often issues can arise from equipment attached to a C-Bus system or problems resulting from a poorly designed or badly installed system.  Our team have had advanced training directly from the manufacturer, we know how to design, install and maintain all types of C-Bus systems whether it be a small house right through to a large building installation.

Regular maintenance of your C-Bus system can be helpful to keep firmware and the programs updated, maintenance can also assist in identifying any issues before they cause major problems.

C-Bus Programming and Alterations

Our technicians to assist with programming and upgrading your C-Bus, as things change we can assist with re-programming, alternating or upgrading your Clipsal C-Bus and smart wiring system. 

Clipsal and Schneider have recently introduced a number of new C-Bus products, including new switches, the Network Automatic Controller (NAC) and SHAC Wiser Controller.

The new range of products add additional functionality that has not been possible in the past.

If you would like more information about C-Bus, call the professionals at Elexacom.