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Dust and Fume Extraction System Repairs Perth

The team at Elexacom are highly experienced when it comes to the Dust and Fume Extraction System Repairs Perth. Whilst Extraction Systems should be regularly maintained they are often neglected.  The interval for maintenance will depend on what is being extracted, the volume of materials and the frequency of use.

Elexacom can assist with all types of Dust and Fume Extraction System Repairs Perth including:

  • Food and bakery dust and fume extraction systems
  • Saw dust and wood extraction systems
  • Paint booth fume extraction systems and lighting
  • Welding and Plasma fume extraction
  • Metal processing dust extraction
  • Abrasive blasting extraction
  • Commercial kitchen fume extraction
  • Pharmaceutical and laboratory fume extraction

No matter what size your dust and fume extraction system is team at Elexacom will be able to assist with repairs and maintenance.  We are also qualified to work on electrical installation in hazardous areas such as flammable gas or dust environments.

In addition, we stock a comprehensive range of spare parts, motors, belts, gears, bearings, filters as well as electrical control equipment.  If required, we can design and install system sequencing, variable speed drives (VSD’s) and PLC programs to suit almost any application.

Urgent Maintenance and Repairs across Perth

The team at Elexacom have an urgent Dust and Fume Extraction System Repairs Perth, covering from Two Rocks through to Rockingham and beyond.  If works on a dust or fume extraction system is required urgently we can normally attend within 1-2 hours.

Our experienced team can assist with repairs and ongoing maintenance on direct drive, inline and belt drive dust and fume and extraction fan systems.

While most exhaust and extraction fan motors are fitted with sealed for life bearings which are normally maintenance free, it is highly recommended that fans be inspected at 3 monthly intervals, to clean the blades, motor and check that all fixings are tight.

Where fans are utilised for commercial kitchen exhaust or other applications where the air contains high amounts of dust, grease, residue or other containment’s, it is recommended that the systems be checked on a more regular basis.  Elexacom can assist with the development and implication of a preventative maintenance plan specific to your exhaust and extraction system.

If your system is belt-driven it is also a good idea to regularly check the condition and tension of the drive belts as they often require replacement.

Need assistance with your dust and fume extraction system repairs Perth

Call the team at Elexacom today on 08 9330 4592.