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Sports Lighting Design Installation and Maintenance

The team at Elexacom has been involved in Sports Lighting Design Installation and Maintenance of hundreds of sporting field and ovals across Perth over the past 40 years.  Our expertise includes:

  • Design – We work closely with leading pole and lighting fixture manufactures such as G & S Industries, Eye Lighting, Sylvania Lighting, Ingal EPS and Musco Lighting just to Sports Lighting Design Installation and Maintenancename a few.  The team at Elexacom can provide a complete lighting and electrical design for all types of Sports and Oval lighting projects.
  • Installation – Our experienced team can manage the complete installation of lighting projects from the sub-surface scanning, all electrical works, geotechnical reports, installation of lighting towers and lighting fixtures, aiming of lights and conducting light (lux) level tests.
  • Maintenance – The on-going maintenance of sports and oval lighting is important in ensuring maximum longevity of the assets, this includes regularly changing the lamps to ensure maximum brightness, cleaning lighting fixtures and checking electrical and pole integrity.  We can also provide testing and reporting on pole strength – this is particularly important on older poles which may have been in operation for a significant amount of time.

Sports Lighting Design Installation and Maintenance is a specialist field which requires an expertise and experience in a range of fields including electrical, lighting and lighting control as well as understanding the requirements of the participants or users of the facilities.  Having worked with a number of Perth Councils and sporting clubs including the city of Fremantle, City of Melville and the Town of Kwinana we understand the requirements and need to keep the lighting operational.

In addition, we can assist with the design and installation of energy efficient and long lasting lighting fixtures such as LED lighting, remote lighting control systems and power consumption tracking.

If you would like more information on the Sports Lighting Design Installation and Maintenance services that the team at Elexacom can provide please don’t hesitate to contact us.